Photo by Bibi Gaston taken at Dumbarton Oaks.

Good morning to all on this day after Valentine's Day. Oh, and Happy President's Day!

And speaking of love, we might think of the First Forester's letters to their "Old Chief" Gifford Pinchot as love letters of a sort. They were, in fact, testimonials that recalled the most meaningful time of their young lives in service to both man and nature.

We learn that some young men, like Ranger Earl H. Frothingham, became interested in a career in forestry because of their passion for the study of birds. Others confessed to a love of wildflowers and the tallgrass prairie. Still others, we find, were committed to the notion, not new at the time, promoted by Gifford Pinchot and Theodore Roosevelt, that a civilization that protected its resources, including its water, wildlife and forests would survive, perhaps even thrive, while those that did not would fall.

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